Biomass fuel

Biomass fuel:

  Refers to the combustion of biomass materials as fuel, which is generally mainly agricultural and forestry waste (such as straw, sawdust, bagasse, rice bran, etc.) [1] . Mainly different from fossil fuels. In the current national policies and environmental protection standards, direct combustion of biomass is a highly polluting fuel that is only used in rural areas and is not allowed in urban areas. The application of biomass fuel is actually Biomass Moulding Fuel (abbreviated as "BMF"). It uses agricultural and forestry wastes as raw materials, and is processed into various forms (such as crushed, mixed, extruded, and dried). , granular, etc.) A new type of clean fuel that burns directly.

  On October 27, 2017, the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer published a preliminary list of carcinogens for reference. Biomass fuels (mainly wood) are used for indoor combustion of household fuels in the category 2A list of carcinogens.

  Biomass energy refers to the use of natural plants, manure, and organic waste from urban and rural areas to convert into photosynthesis energy. Biomass, in addition to its aesthetic value in the earth's ecological environment, is a renewable energy source for human beings. Biomass combines CO2 with water through photosynthesis to form hydrocarbons (sugars) to build up the skeleton of the biomass, and during this process the solar energy is stored in the chemical bonds of the structural compounds within the organism. In this process, a large number of vegetations have bred and provided long-term energy materials for human development and construction. When they are used, the basic elements that make up the organism (C, O, H, N, etc.) are also used by new organisms, and the energy stored in their chemical bonds is released or converted into other forms of energy.

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