How to Reduce Biomass Boilers Air Pollution Emission


  Biomass fuel is a kind of clean fuel which is directly burned. It is adopted agricultural wastes like wood chip,straw asraw material. It is formed perlite fuel through the processing of grinding, drying and extrusion, etc. It could make no discharge of carbon dioxide. Zozen biomass boiler thermal efficiency up to 90%.,NOx<100 mg/Nm³

  The methods of reduce biomass boilers air pollution emission

  Boiler Design Specifications

  1. Appropriate grate design, scientific furnace, reasonable air distribution, make sure full combustion of pellets fuel.

  2.Reasonably arrange initial air and secondary air maintain the correct air to fuel ratio for clean combustion and low emissions.

  3. Reduces NOx emissions by regulating combustion temperature.

  Fuel Quality

  1. The biomass boiler shall be operated using wood fuel appropriate for the boiler

  combustion system design. The boiler manufacturer shall provide information to

  demonstrate that the boiler equipment is suitably matched to the wood fuel specifications.

  2.Preference shall be given to using wood pellets instead of wood chip as fuel.

  3.following specifications associated with low pollution emissions:

  • Ash content <1%

  • Moisture content below 10%

  • Low nitrogen content

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