Biomass hot water boiler

Biomass hot water boiler

Capacity:0.6-21 ton/h

Thermal efficiency:80%

Fuel:Biomass fuel

Working pressure:0.7/1.0/0.7 MPa

Output temperature:170/184/95 ℃

Applications:Rubber Industry, Food Industry, Forestry Industry, Paper Industry

Introduction:Biomass hot water boiler can automatically adjust the material, easy to operate, no smoke after combustion, less ash, generally only about 2%. High boiler thermal efficiency is generally 85% (coal in 70-75%)


  Biomass fuel is a kind of clean fuel which is directly burned. It is adopted agricultural wastes like wood chip, straw as raw material. It is formed perlite fuel through the processing of grinding, drying and extrusion, etc. It could make no discharge of carbon dioxide.

  Our company designed and manufactured the biomass fuel series boiler with Shanghai Jiaotong University. Arrange furnace arch furnace wall, furnace heating surface reason ably according to various biomass fuel characteristics, combustion speed to ensure the boiler combustion efficiency and design evaporation. High temperature area furnace is set reasonable protection measure for combu- stion to avoid coking or lagging effectively.

  Reasonably arrange initial air and secondary air to make combustion sufficiently and reduce the discharge of nox effectively. The 13th Five year Plan increased the support of biomass energy. So the biomass boiler will be widely used.


  1, biomass hot water boiler can automatically adjust the feeding, easy operation, no smoke after combustion, less ash, usually only about 2%. High boiler thermal efficiency is generally 85% (coal in 70-75%), the actual combustion effect than Fuel and gas save money. After combustion, it does not coke. The boiler has a long service life. The ash handling is simple (it can be directly used as fertilizer to return the land). Biomass hot water boilers are a type of biomass boiler.

  2. A reasonable boiler structure and a special combustion method enable the automatic biomass boiler to solve the deflagration and coking phenomena from the source.

  3. The biomass boiler is equipped with a microcomputer control system, and the biomass hot water boiler has the functions of temperature setting, cycle control and fault alarm, and the operation is simple and convenient.

  4. The boiler feeding adopts the advanced screw rotation drive automatic feeding device, which only needs to fill the storage bin at one time and does not need to add fuel regularly; the ignition system adopts the automatic ignition of the burner, which greatly reduces the boiler furnace The labor intensity makes the use of boilers more user-friendly.

  5. Biomass hot water boiler is an atmospheric hot water boiler. It operates under normal pressure and does not require certification. It does not require professional boiler workers to operate. The boiler adopts integral insulation to reduce heat loss and improve the boiler thermal efficiency. .

  6, in line with national environmental protection policy, and the sulfur content of fuel is also very low in nitrogen, has great benefits for the environment. Energy saving and environmental protection: the fuel used by biomass hot water boiler itself belongs to the national support to promote energy-saving environmental protection students Material fuels are energy-saving and environmentally-friendly renewable materials with a wide range of sources and economic benefits. Its operating cost is one-third of that of electric boilers, which is one-half of that of oil-fired boilers and gas-fired boilers, and 20% less than coal-fired boilers.

Industry application

  1. Biomass power generation

  2, park heating and power supply

  3, waste recycling

  4. Sterilization

  5, baking and drying



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