Biomass thermal oil boiler

Biomass thermal oil boiler

Capacity:1.4-8.2 MW

Thermal efficiency:80%

Fuel:Biomass fuel

Working pressure:0.8/1.0 MPa

Output temperature:320 ℃

Applications:chemical industry,plastics industry,textile industry,rubber industry

Introduction:The horizontal combustion biomass heat-conducting oil furnace can obtain higher working temperature under lower operating pressure, and has the technical characteristics of low pressure and high temperature.


  YLW series boiler is a square coil horizontal chain grate assembly boiler, chain grate and boiler body separate from the factory, after the site is in place, just put the oil, electricity can be put into operation, the furnace using chain grate Mechanical coal, equipped with drums, induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and equipped with slag machine to achieve mechanical slag.

  During the operation, the fuel falls from the coal hopper to the grate for combustion. The high-temperature flue gas passes through the rear arch and enters the furnace in front of the furnace. After radiative heat exchange on the radiant heating surface, it enters the convection heating surface for convection heat transfer, and then leads to waste heat. The boiler enters the air preheater and enters the precipitator. After the dust is removed, the exhaust gas is drawn by the induced draft fan through the chimney to the atmosphere.

  The boiler heating surface consists of four parts: the radiant heating surface of the furnace, the convection tube bundle heating surface, the waste heat boiler, and the air preheater (economizer).


  • With low pressure and high temperature characteristics.
  • Stable heating, precise control of temperature.
  • Keep thermal efficiency at an optimal level.
  • Complete operation control and safety monitoring device.
  • Reduce other consumption, save electricity, water and oil
  • The fully digital portal milling machine ensures that the tube holes of the same type of tube sheet are strictly the same, eliminating individual deviations caused by manual scoring. It also overcomes the deviation of the roundness of the hole diameter caused by the different rigidity of the radial drilling machine.
  • Establish a stop point for process inspections and strictly ensure the execution of the first expansion and subsequent welding processes.
  • All smoke pipes and convection pipes are automatically welded.
  • The cylinder body is equipped with a reversing device to ensure that the weld seam is in the best welding position.
  • Tube blanking, discarding the wheel cutting, all using machine tool cold processing to ensure the processing accuracy and avoid over-burning.

Industry application

  Biomass thermal oil furnace is widely used in petrochemical industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, plastics and plastic industry, paper industry, oil industry, synthetic fiber industry, wood industry, wood-based panels, fiberboard hot pressing, drying perennial steaming, building materials Industry mineral wool board processing, gypsum board drying, asphalt heating, candy processing, candied fruit processing, dried noodle drying, food industry, biscuit drying, oil pressing and beverage drying, paint and other heat sources below 350 degrees Celsius, food processing , wood processing, asphalt heating, carton production, vegetable dehydration, paint, sand mold drying and so on.


Project and parameter model Rated thermal power(KW) Fixed work stress(MPa) Maximum operating temperature(℃) Suitable fuel Second class bituminous coal fuel consumption (Kg/h) Furnace oil content (m³) Circulating oil (M³/h) Inlet and outlet orifices(DN) Shipping weight(t) Maximum size of transportL×B×H(mm)
YLW series YLW-1400MA 1400 0.8 <350 Class II bituminous coal, biomass pellets and other solid fuels 300 1.2 100 125 14 4121 1900 2900
YLW-1800MA 1800 0.8 <350 350 1.5 100 150 20 4400 2400 3000
YLW-2400MA 2400 0.8 <350 500 2.1 160 150 25 5680 2480 3240
YLW-3000MA 3000 0.8 <350 625 2.4 160 150 30 6000 2650 3240
YLW-3500MA 3500 0.8 <350 750 2.6 200 200 35 6400 2770 3470
YLW-4200MA 4200 0.8 <350 900 2.8 250 200 40 6900 2820 3470
YLW-4700MA 4700 0.8 <350 1100 3.0 250 200 44 7680 2985 3715
YLW-6000MA 6000 0.8 <350 1250 4.8 350 250 48 7900 3200 3475
YLW-7000MA 7000 0.8 <350 1500 7 460 250 50 8400 3300 3475
YLW-10000MA 10000 0.8 <350 2200 9.5 540 300 70 9200 3300 3550
YLW-12000MA 12000 0.8 <350 2700 12.8 600 350 142 12600 3820 3630


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