DZL series biomass boiler

DZL series biomass boiler

Capacity:1-6 ton/h

Thermal efficiency:79%

Fuel:Biomass pelleted fuel

Working pressure:0.7/1.0/0.7 MPa

Output temperature:170/184/95 ℃

Applications:biomass particles, wood chips, sawdust

Introduction:Dzl biomass straw fuel boiler integrates advanced design concept, optimized process parameters and special technical processing. It is a new type of boiler adapted to biomass particle fuel.


  DZL series quick-install boilers are horizontal three-pass fire hose chain grate boilers that use pelletized fuel. The boiler body is longitudinally arranged with a single drum. The threaded tobacco pipes are arranged in the drum to form a convection heating surface, and the drum and the water cooling walls on both sides constitute the radiation heating surface of the furnace. The combustion equipment uses light chain grate; The electric control realizes stepless speed regulation of the grate, limit parameter alarm and interlock protection.

  The features of this type of boiler are: compact structure, investment in infrastructure investment, and mechanization of feeding and slagging; the boiler has sufficient output and high efficiency. The operation is simple, and the requirement for the boiler workers is low.

  Applicable fuels: biomass particles, wood chips, sawdust


  • Sow feeder feed fuel equally to avoid flashback
  • Chain grate layer burning,scientific furnace,reasonable air distribution,full combustion of pellets fuel.
  • Set different quantity of independent air bin from front to rear grate according to different capacity.
  • Disttribute air reasonably according to various fuel is totally fired combustion condition to make sure that the coal is totally fired.
  • Design reasonable rotating speed according to the combustion speed of biomass to make sure the fuel burning out.

Industry application

  1, washing and ironing industry: dry cleaning machines, dryers, washing machines, dewatering machines, ironing machines, irons, and other equipment supporting use;

  2, packaging machinery industry: labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine supporting use;

  3, bio-chemical industry: fermentation tanks, reactors, sandwich pots, mixers, emulsifiers and other equipment supporting the use;

  4, food machinery industry: tofu machine, steamer, sterilization tanks, packaging machines, paint equipment, split machine, and other equipment supporting the use;

  5. Other industries: steam cleaning industry (oilfield, automobile), hot water supply (hotels, dormitories, schools, mixing stations), concrete curing of (bridges, railways), sauna bathing (casual beauty clubs), and heat exchange equipment.


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